Hello world!

We are grateful for your support!
The ability for us to do this work is much harder without it…

Consultants for Indian Progress was created as way for you to support our mission financially….

We must all do our part… When and where we can for the betterment of the world… To move forward… Your Funds are the lifeblood that allows for the positive action steps to be taken in this material world.

Your service to the work we do and financial commitment allows for youth to connect to the cultural world that is expressed as Canoe Journey, Huckleberry camp @ Indian Heaven and the Pow-Wow.

Each year we travel with youth and families to re-connect to their indigenous ways of Knowing and in the process, Connect Hearts and Minds to each other, as well as we share in a atmosphere that is about Spiritual Empowerment and personal Transformation as we heal and move forward in a good way…

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