Terra Tipi
Welcome to the partner site of The House of Friendship. The Terra Tipi community consists  of people who choose to recognize the history and contributions of Indigenous Peoples from North & South America.


The Name is a composite of a word which was colonized by the english language from the Dakota/Lakota/Nakota People. The word “Tipi” means “Home”, 
The word has been marginalized to mean Tent. The Word “Terra” in Latin means “Earth” or “Land”. 
We have combined these two words to create the basis for our virtual commnunity- “Terra Tipi” Earth Home



Please consider becoming a contributor to this page both as an artist, concerned community member or as a promoter for your cause.



This is your rendezvous point to volunteer to help one another out or market your art.



Consider this the virtual coffee house that you wish you had in your neighborhood.